Designing Out Crime

The aim of ‘Designing Out Crime’ is to reduce the vulnerability of people, property and businesses to crime by removing opportunities that may be unintentionally provided by the surrounding environment. It also aims to reduce fear of crime and, in doing so, helps to improve people’s quality of life.

As a member company, Videx have taken the principles of designing out crime and applied them to the specification and development of their class leading ‘Police Preferred Specification’ products. Offering a wide range of suitably tested products, Videx introduce a compliant, cost-effective and crime reducing system into your project.

Benefits of choosing Videx for your Secured by Design project:

  • Approved ‘Police Preferred Specification’ products
  • Certified Secured by Design member company
  • Access to regional:
    • CPDA’s (Crime Prevention Design Advisors)
    • DOCO’s (Designing Out Crime Officers)
    • ALO’s (Architectural Liaison Officers)
  • Leading UK manufacturer of Door Entry & Access Control products
  • Over 28 years experience in assisting consultants, architects & other professionals